Australia Day FAQ's

Australia Day FAQ's

When is the release?

  • 15th January at 7am AEST check here for release in your state or country

How long does the release go for?

  • 7:30am-7:30pm AEST

Will the items sell out quickly?

  • We only have 350 items available each piece for this release - first in best dressed!

The item and size I want is out of stock, will you restock this?

  • This is a one-time limited release and none of the items will be restocked.

I bought the wrong size...Can I exchange?

  • Unfortunately, we won’t be offering any exchanges due to items selling out and limited quantities available. Make sure to double-check what size you click before checking out!

Can I return the item?

  • Of course! You are able to return this item for a refund or store credit only.

Will it get here in time for Aus Day?

  • It sure will! We have purposely released this early so you can have it before Australia Day

How many items are on sale?

  • There are 5 Aus Day Limited Items:
    • Bill Mens Print Stretch Pull On Swim Short
    • Chezza Womens Print Stretch Pull On Swim Short
    • Cheers Bill Mens Muscle Tank
    • Cheers Chezza Womens Muscle Tank
    • Cheers Bill Stubby Cooler
    • Pluggers Unisex Thongs Burgundy
    • Pluggers Unisex Thongs Navy

Can I use a discount code or gift card to purchase these?

  • Discount codes won’t work on the Australia Day limited gear, unfortunately, however, you are able to use a gift card at check out.

Can I buy the Aus Day gear from my local wholesaler?

  • This sale is an online-only sale!

What do the swim shorts fit like?

  • The swim shorts are very similar sizing to our new mens and womens ruggers; Toucan and Sundowner.
  • They are true to size fit.



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