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Natalie Kovarik: The Woman of the Ranch.

Natalie Kovarik: The Woman of the Ranch.
From rancher's daughter to rancher's wife and a Pharmacist in-between - Natalie Kovarik stands as an important social media figure from both an agricultural and female perspective. 
Natalie Kovarik: The Woman of the Ranch.

Ranching and all that it entails has always been a subconscious pioneer of feminism. Not in the stereotypical sense of hating men and protesting for women's rights to be elevated above men's, but in the way that women should be supported to do whatever they want without judgment and with entire support. A women's place on the ranch has never really just been the kitchen. 

While born into a family ranch in Montana, Natalie and her sisters were never pressured to return back to their family ranch, instead encouraged to follow their dream careers off the ranch. This got Natalie into university and eventually working as a Pharmacist in town. 

However Natalie never completely lost her life on the land. Upon marrying and beginning to grow a family and a ranch with her husband, Natalie stopped working as a pharmacist and invested any spare second into her social media, particularly as a platform for advocacy. 



She doesn't use social media to glamorise her life as a 'Ranch-Wife' (intentionally anyway) - instead to display her passion for sustainable ranching, using knowledge from her life-long experience. 

With her three young boys Tad, Jaks, Rue and husband Luke, she runs Angus stud Kovarik Cattle Co in Central Nebraska - A slice of God's country. 



Tad is wearing the Signature Bull Tee in Blue Steele 

Together, Luke and Natalie have used their generational roots of ranching to produce their own commercial cow/calf operation with a growing registered black Angus herd - from carefully selected genetics from both within their own herd as well as outside to ensure top performing bulls for their customers.


Natalie is wearing the Jules Work Shirt in Dusty Rose, Luke is wearing the Southbridge T-Shirt in College Navy. 

Natalie embodies her traits as a woman of the ranch through all aspects of her work - she's hard working, patient, generous, willing and of course, Down-to-earth. 



Natalie, alongside fellow female dairy farmer, Tara Vander Dussen run weekly podcast 'Discover Ag', where they discuss trending Ag topics and controversies using their professional knowledge and point of view.



Tackling the important conversations, these two ladies ensure you're both entertained and informed correctly - You'll feel like you're sitting in their lounge room with them over a nice warm cup of tea. 

Discover Ag isn't just for a rural crowd though - it is informative for all to understand the processes of paddock to plate, more so to emphasise that ranching/farming is in fact not the problem. In the era of removing full-cream milk from your fridge, and swaping steak for lab grown meat...there needs to be somebody to sort fact from fiction. 


Natalie has been a privilege to work alongside from the very beginning. As a very prominent figure for women in Ag, we love her passion for educating others and most of all her genuine love for her lifestyle.

You can listen to Discover Ag here ! Episodes run weekly.