Ringers Western Fire Relief

Ringers Western Fire Relief

Australia is burning and we need your help. Drought conditions experienced by much of Australia for an extended period of time has culminated in the worst fire season we have ever seen, and summer is only just beginning. Victoria has declared a state of disaster and NSW has declared a state of emergency with catastrophic conditions expected over the next few days.

Local communities are fighting alongside the RFS and volunteer firefighters to help contain the fires as they ravage everything in their path. It is hard to envisage and comprehend how massive and widespread these fires are; it’s a terrifying and unprecedented reality. The majority of communities have had no warning and no time to enact their fire plans as fire fronts encompassing huge expanses of land race rapidly towards them. Hot embers of still burning foliage fall kilometres ahead of the main fire front, igniting anything they land on way before the main fire even reaches it.

Normally fire habits are fractionally predictable, however, with the huge scale of these fires, they create their own weather and firestorms, making their paths and habits completely erratic. This makes a very confronting and insurmountable task for our RFS crews and volunteer firefighters, who have already been stretched to their limits and are well and truly exhausted. With the loss of volunteer firefighters, civilian casualties and over thirty people's whereabouts unknown across Australia, these fires are taking a heavy toll. 

While townships are the centre of news reports as they hold the most lives and infrastructure, we cannot forget our rural mates. They do not just have their own lives and homes at risk, they are also responsible for the lives of hundreds and in a lot of cases, thousands of head of stock. They have thousands of kilometres of fencing, expensive machinery and acres of land that is a necessity for not only their way of life but their survival as well. A lot of the time they are left to fend for themselves as a fire front races towards them, with RFS resources directed towards larger communities. 

 When the fires rip through communities and homes, it is the most terrifying experience and one that we would not wish anyone to go through. However, the aftermath and the clean up are the most confronting. The bleak reality that after all of those years of toil and hard work, you have nothing left, nowhere to sleep at night, no food to eat and no source of clean running water with only the clothes on your back is a harsh and grim realisation. 

This is where we, and you come in. We know that the Aussie spirit is alive and well, we see it and experience it every day with you mob and we would like to give back to a community and a country that supports us every single day. A lot of you will have friends and family, or people you know of that are affected by these fires. It doesn’t matter what state they are in, whether it’s a large town, a remote rural community or a farming property, they all need our help. To those affected, we will be supplying clothing care packages to help in some small way to help them get back on their feet. Please reach out to us via email, Facebook Messenger or Instagram DM and we will arrange to send out these packages.

If you would like to do your bit and donate to Australians affected by these fires please visit the link below to the Australian Red Cross https://www.redcross.org.au/. Every little bit counts!


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