Born on a station, designed in Australia, created for Aussies.Ringers Western was formed in the rugged Kimberley region of Western Australia in 2012.

Sitting around the campfire one night after a hard days work in the yards, the crew (now known as the Ringers Western crew) got chatting about the lack of quality clothing needed in their line of work.

The next night around the campfire, Andy kick started his stored enthusiasm into all his mates – men and women. The crew banded together to make it happen.

Ringers Western will always be inspired by its roots. Like a ringer, Ringers Western, with its grassroots simplicity, high standard of design and quality, it is tough, adaptable, sometimes cheeky, but offers you class and loyalty.

This basis of grass roots simplicity, high standard of design and quality sets Ringers Western way ahead of the mob.

Quality gear that withstands the Aussie life. ‘We need clothes that move with us, are tough and comfy, that fit us right, to work in all day and have a touch of class!’

We know not every Aussie is the same shape and size.Ringers Western aims to provide hardworking Australians with something that represents not only the iconic symbols of ringers and cowboys, but will also appeal to all men and women of different shape and sizes seeking quality clothing with style.

We're not just a country brand, we do corporate too.If you are looking for work gear for the farm or city, we provide work wardrobe essentials and personalised embroidery that will elevate your professionalism.


This is a journey of cooperation and true friendship.

We invite everyone to join us.

It’s a lifestyle, a movement …

Ringers Western stickin’ together.

Ringers Western