From the beginnings of Ringers Western through to today, we receive an increasing number of requests to support individuals, organisations and events in rural and regional Australia. 

As Ringers continues to grow so does our endeavour to support as many applicants as possible. We continue to provide support to several charity events, local clubs and individuals who help their communities in a big way. 

We read every application and as we may not be able to support every cause, event or ambassador requesthere are a few points to include to help us assess your application:

  • Supply as much information as possible (including but not limited to: the date of an event or initial application, location, the cause and it impacts
  • Why we should support you
  • Links to events, social media channels and current supporters
  • How will this benefit Ringers Western
  • Contact details

Please send your sponsorship enquires by completing the form below.

We look forward to hearing from you.