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Welcome the King of the Cut: Mark Buttsworth

Welcome the King of the Cut: Mark Buttsworth
We're excited to announce that camp drafting royalty, Mark Buttsworth, has joined our talented team of ambassadors here at Ringers Western.
Welcome the King of the Cut: Mark Buttsworth

We are pleased and extremely excited to announce that Mark Buttsworth has joined the team here at Ringers Western.

Mark resides and trains out of his property in Kingaroy, Queensland. Mark’s 40+ year career, started with campdrafting and then added cutting, challenges and team roping to his portfolio. Mark impressive career has led him to be commonly known as the ‘Cutout King’. Mark’s earlier background stemmed from promoting motorbikes rather than horses.

Nonetheless, his profound affection for horses and his unwavering competitive spirit have become all-consuming passions and dedications. He has since never entertained any other interest or pursued any alternative business ventures. Mark’s relentless drive to succeed and better himself is unparalleled. His journey in the equine realm commenced with a humble investment of his hard-earned $100 in an unbroken colt owned by a neighbour.

From that point onward, he simply learned from his mistakes and forged ahead. Mark’s thirst for knowledge and his relentless pursuit of excellence continue to propel him forward. He thrives on challenges and delights in acquiring new skills, which has enabled him to excel in various disciplines. He was among the first equestrians to strive for success in both camp drafting and cutting arenas.

The determination and intensity he poured into perfecting the cutting discipline have seamlessly transferred into his cutout techniques. Mark’s long and impressive history of achievements and success is a serious testament to his work ethic and dedication to the industry, a perfect edition to the Ringers Western team!