Akubra - Measuring Your Head Size

Akubra Hats are sized and measured in centimeter circumferences of the wearer's head. The head is measured using a dressmaker's tape, wrapped across the bare forehead and just above the ears. The measurement is rounded up to the next largest full centimeter: i.e. from a 57.5cm head measurement, a 58cm or 59cm hat is selected for fitting.

Heads come in all shapes and sizes, so for an enduring fit with your new Akubra the following points should be considered:

1.  The Sheepskin inner band of the hat mayshrink slightly with use. Do not expect a tight-fitting hat to 'loosen up'

 2.   In time, the hat will conform to your head shape. Initially, a slightly loose-fitting hat can be adjusted using folded tissue placed behind the inner band, then removed as the hat conforms to your head shape.