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HOW TO: Find Your Hat Size

HOW TO: Find Your Hat Size

Howdy! We'd like to help you find your hat size so you can ensure your new Ringers Western hat is the perfect fit. 

All you’ll need is a measuring tape (Alternatively a ribbon and a ruler). 

HOW TO: Find Your Hat Size


The COLEVALE in Sand  


Step 1. Ensuring you are measuring where on your head you’d like the hat to sit, which is usually just above the center of your forehead, grab your tape or ribbon and take it all the way around and back to your forehead.  

Step 2. Keep a note of the length - this may be in inches or centimetres - We have a size guide on our website that converts these for you. You should fall between a 55 and a 62. If you are in between sizes, unsure you size up. View our size guide


If your hat arrives and it's a little too big don’t stress! Over time, felt hats tend to shrink in the sun, however you can chuck some $ notes, paper or even foam in the hat band, to keep it nice and snug on your head.  



Now you’ve got the perfect fit, it's time to get your hands on one of our premium cowboy hats



The DRAFTER in Black 


The BOULIA in Natural 

 The MINAMURRA in Riverstone 

The STERLING in Pink 

The CARSON in Beige