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How To: Make the perfect campside Margarita.

How To: Make the perfect campside Margarita.
Whether you're parched from a long day in the stockyards, getting ready to boot scoot the night away or relaxing beachside after setting up camp, this margarita recipe provides the perfect kick. 
How To: Make the perfect campside Margarita.

Our Inskip coolers and Bindi wine cups are the perfect way to serve up these summer cocktails! 

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For 2 serves, all you'll need: 

Bindi or Inskip cooler to serve 

The Yarra (as an insulated cocktail shaker)






Pre-made margarita mix 


Agave, Triple sec and Lime juice. 


The Yarra Powder Coated insulated Tumblr - $44.95 and the Bindi Wine Cup - $29.95



1. Into the Yarra, grab a generous handful of ice, 3 nips of Tequila, 2 nips of Triple sec, a few drops of Tabasco and a heap of freshly squeezed lime juice (you can add a dash of Agave for sweetness).  

2. Secure the lid on your Yarra, and shake away! 

3. Grab your Bindi Wine cup or Inskip cooler, and salt the rims and then fill to the top with ice. 

4.  With the Yarra, do not remove the lid - instead open to drink opening to pour between your two cups. 

5. Add a wedge of lime and sip away!