Raising funds for Swiss 8 and Aussie Veterans

Raising funds for Swiss 8 and Aussie Veterans

ANZAC Day is one of the most significant days in the lives of all Australians, a day of remembrance that both Ringers Western and Swiss 8 hold dear to our hearts as well. On the 25th of April, like millions of Australians, we will commemorate and reflect on the sacrifice all service members, past and present, of the Australian and New Zealand army have made for these two great nations. It is a day that we should not only remember for those who have fallen in combat but also those that are currently serving or retired from duty.

Kangaroo Tee This year Ringers Western will be donating all proceeds from our limited edition Kangaroo tee sales to the Swiss 8 charity and their work with veterans with mental health issues. From the 16th April our Limited edition Kangaroo tee will go live and this will be your chance to not only score a great looking T-Shirt but also support a great Australian charity that’s making a positive difference in the lives of many servicemen and women. 


Swiss 8 is a health promotion charity founded by Australian Combat Veterans. They are disrupting the current, reactive, mental health care model and making it proactive. The veterans they assist have lived experience in dealing with disconnection, loss of identity, loss of purpose, anxiety and depression. Swiss 8 is taking this lived experience to create tools for veterans, and the general public, that assist in building a healthy, high performing lifestyle. 

These digital tools and certified courses will help these individuals connect with their tribe, structure their life for success, create their new identity and find purpose in their existence. 

In a world where mental ill-health kills 6 x more soldiers than war, Swiss 8 exists so our veterans can stop burying their mates. Help them achieve their mission by donating today.

Find out more information about Swiss 8 by heading to their official website here


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