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Splash Into Summer: New Coolers + Accessories

Splash Into Summer: New Coolers + Accessories

Our new range of coolers and accessories has arrived in perfect time to be the ultimate gifts for holiday season. 


Splash Into Summer: New Coolers + Accessories

This new range of gear will make for the ultimate Christmas gifts for this summer! 

With all new coolers, drinkware and chairs, your camping setup is going to get the ultimate upgrade this season.


The Sundown, Driftwood and Kingsway Cooler have been introduced in the colour 'Charcoal', and feature an internal basket and divider (These are also available to purchase individually). The insulation in these coolers will keep those beers ice cold for days on end! 



THE SUNDOWN - 110L Cooler 

Dimensions: W 90cm x H 45cm x D 61cm 

Best for: Unpowered weekends and extended trips 

Perfect for long weekend getaways, the Sundown is the perfect size to fit all the essentials and plenty of ice to ensure everything stays cold over a long period of time. 



Dimensions: W 76cm x H 45cm x D 50cm 

Best for: Weekenders 

The Driftwood 625L Cooler - $449.95 

This cooler is perfect for shorter trips, ensuring that that a full case of cold ones stays ice cold, but still doesn't take up too much space in the tray. 




THE KINGSWAY - 13.2L Cooler

Dimensions: W 40cm x H 36cm x D 36cm 

Best for: Day Trips and Beach days

The first cylindrical cooler to be introduced to our range is the Kingsway. Ideal for an overnight trip, this cooler fits the perfect amount of ice and beers. 

This cooler also doubles as the perfect bulk cocktail/punch holder. 



It wouldn't be summer without inflatables! Perfect for relaxing at ocean lakes, pools and dams. (& a great addition to the Christmas stocking...)

 The Summer Swim Ring in Maroon - $19.95



The quality of our insulated, stainless steel drinkware is second to none - improving with every release. After introducing a handful of new colours this season, we can assure you theres something for everyone, from water bottles to wine cups.


The Escape Can Cooler in Multiple Colours - $29.95

The Bindi Wine Cups, Inskip Tumblr and Escape can coolers are the ultimate campside accessories. 



The Big Gulp Bottles are our top pick for the gifting season. Perfect for carrying fresh drinking water for a longer trip or shaking up ice cold margaritas for the group! 

Elle is making Margaritas with The Big Gulp Stainless Steel Bottle in Stainless Steel - $139.95

Check out the entire range of accessories in our store!