From the station ~ Ringers Western

Walkabout Warrior X Ringers Western

Walkabout Warrior X Ringers Western

Over the past 12 months, our design team have been working alongside local indigenous artist, Daniel Evans to create a very special limited edition range. 

Within this range are Signature T-Shirts, Work shirts and Trucker Caps, featuring a print of one of Daniel Evan's unique designs. 

Walkabout Warrior X Ringers Western

It is an honour for our first product release of the year to be as special as this one. Profits from this limited edition range will be donated to the KREAC charity, which has invested in the provision of training programs to assist with the goals of obtaining and engaging in gainful employment as well as promoting and furthering economic development of Aboriginal people in the East Kimberly region.  


The Walkabout Warrior Men's Half Button Work Shirt in Black - $79.95

Daniel Evans is a proud 'Gamilaroi' Man originally from Coonabarabran NSW, Walkabout Warriors has a national focus and aims to reach our smallest communities (rural & remote) through to our urban and metropolitan communities. Walkabout Warriors was created following Daniel’s cultural, sporting and healing journey. 

Daniel's paintings tell stories based on the mental and physical challenges he has faced through his journey of life. 


The Walkabout Warrior Unisex T-Shirt in Dark Sand - $49.95

The original painting featured as the print within this capsule is called "Walkabout Connections". 


The Walkabout Warrior Trucker Cap in Black - $39.95
"A young Indigenous man that has gone Walkabout to connect to country, healing from past traumas not just his own but what’s been passed down through his bloodlines, generational traumas. He goes walkabout to not only connect to culture but really connect to himself and help heal others along the way. 
Lead by his spirit guides, he understands the journey is going to be an ongoing process. Determined to heal and help others through cultural practices, dance, art and song lines.
He doesn’t see colour, he feels the people need country as much as the country needs us.
We are walking each other home"


The Walkabout Warrior Unisex T-Shirt in Charcoal - $49.95

The Walkabout Warrior Half Button Work Shirt in Black - $79.95 

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