Quality and Craftsmanship

We have partnered with a world-renowned manufacturer in the city of Leon, Mexico, with over 30 years experience where highly skilled traditional artisans hand craft the finest boots at the best value. There are over 100 steps involved in making a pair of high quality Ringers Western boots, constructed using the traditional method of Goodyear Welt construction, this process makes the boot more water-resistant, supportive, and resoleable. Combine this with premium quality materials means they’re made to last and knowing that with proper care, these boots will last for years to come and see you through all of life’s journeys.

What is goodyear welt construction

A technique based on attaching the sole to the upper boot. The first stitch joins the body of the shoe to the welt, while a second external stitching fixes the sole to this piece. This gives superior strength and water resistance, keeping the foot dry from light water expozsure. This also makes the shoe easily resoleable.

Premium Materials

High quality materials are the foundation of all great products. We combine traditional construction methods and premium quality leathers with different finishings and tanning methods applied. To make one perfectly matched pair of boots, bootmakers study each piece of leather side-by-side before selecting a matching pair. Leather being a natural material means that your boot may contain marks and grains. Each pair is individually polished by hand. This provides slight variations in each pair, these are all part of the individual character of your boots and is the true mark

The Material


Full grade premium leather, the strongest and most durable leather. Soft, smooth, and a bit waxy. A versatile cowhide for every day. Perfect for work boots because it is it extremely durable and difficult to tear or puncture.

Cowhide (Vintage)

Our burnt brown leather is a full grain premium leather called pull-up leather, the effect is different as oils and waxes have been used in the tanning process which highlights the character of the hide and allows scratches and scuffs to blend in with continued wear.


A finer, more delicate material and has a smooth soft touch, yet holds a certain durability as its fiber structure is tightly interwoven. Its lightweight and flexible make allow it to retain warmth in cold weather while feeling comfortable enough to wear on a warm day.


Crafted by taking a top grain piece, and sanding the outer surface giving it a very fine, soft feel of suede but much more durable. Is naturally water resistant to light water exposure, however it needs further waterproofing from a spray.


Our suede has been waterproofed, will help prevent water from penetrating the leather. Perfect for more casual shoes and boots. It is durable, will not scuff and is easily cleaned with the correct cleaning products.